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Zebra Fuente fountain pens review: Kim John

Zebra Fuente fountain pens review: Kim John

Posted by Mary on 1st Nov 2018

The Zebra Fuente fountain pen is one of our best selling lines, and at £2.50 each it's not hard to see why. Kim John, owner of the "Life Can Be Toff" website, is a fan so we thought she'd be the perfect person to review them.

My first introduction to the Zebra Fuente disposable fountain pen was when I won one from Stationery & Art, a purple fountain pen.

I liked the pen so much, I bought another couple of colours with the intention of completing the set in time. It was at this point that Stationery & Art very kindly sent me the remaining colours for me to try out the full set of 7 colours available in the range.

Panic immediately started to set in, I am no expert doodler and my handwriting is fairly generic so the dreams of providing you with beautiful flowing handwriting and inspirational doodles were instantly put to the back of my mind. However, what I do know is when I like a pen.

And I like these pens!

A good fountain pen is an investment, you can spend several tens or even hundreds of pounds finding one that has a comfy feel to it, a decent flow of ink, a luxurious exterior to stand the test of time and then there is the additional cost of the replacement ink.

What the Zebra Fuente disposable fountain pens provide is a feel of luxury, they make you feel as if you’re writing with a proper fountain pen, but they are a fraction of the cost.

On first use, like with any fountain pen they are a little scratchy but once you have bedded in the nib you have a delightful writing instrument. It flows well, has a decent thickness to the nib and it doesn’t smudge. It makes even my mediocre handwriting seem neat.Another huge plus for me is that the ink doesn’t seep through the page.

These are the only pens I use now.

When it comes to the colours you have your standard black, blue and red but then there is a deep purple, vibrant pink, intense green and turquoise. I fill my daily agenda with different colours.

Scrolling back through my agenda, I can see I have consistently used that purple pen since April, and yet it still goes strong with no sign of the ink running out.

It’ll be a sad day when it does run out, the pen is now at optimum comfort as a writing pen and I thoroughly enjoy using it and the others.

But, at £2.50 for a replacement, I won’t be left feeling sad for long.

If you are seeking the luxurious feel of a fountain pen with the budget of a biro, then I’d strongly recommend considering these pens. You won’t be left disappointed.

Kim John

Life can be Toff

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