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Zebra Telescopic Stylus pen

Zebra Telescopic Stylus pen

Posted by Mary on 10th May 2019

We asked US based artist and pen maker Bonnie Jean Woolger to review the Zebra Telescopic Stylus pen, and this is what she thought of it:

"Thank you to Stationery & Art for the opportunity to review this Zebra Telescopic Stylus pen; this is my new favourite pen! It is mechanically fun. The telescoping action is like having a secret agent pen in my pocket. It closes down compactly to slide into my pocket. When I need a pen it expands back out and I can choose the pen's length for writing and drawing. (I actually like a stubby pen.) 

The smooth feel and flow of the ink does not disappoint.The stylus is responsive and is perfect on my phone screen. It might not do for detailed work on a tablet, but is excellent for jotting things down on the go. Time will tell whether I mangle the stylus end in my pocket.(So far so good.) 

It has proved to be the perfect everyday carry with my notebook and phone."

Bonnie Jean Woolger.
Drawings, Prints, and other creative work 

So clearly this is a pen suitable for drawing as well as writing!