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Zebra Zensations technical drawing pens review: Bonnie Jean Woolger

Zebra Zensations technical drawing pens review: Bonnie Jean Woolger

Posted by Mary on 17th Jul 2018

We've been following Bonnie Jean Woolger on Twitter and Instagram for some time and love her intricate illustrations. We couldn't think of a better person to ask to review Zebra's Zensation technical drawing pens; here's her verdict...

"Thank you to Mary at Stationery & Art for sending me these pens to try out. They are Zebra Zensations. I normally draw with rapid-o-graph pens and fountain pens because they are refillable. 

After using these pens I have changed my thinking a bit about disposable pens. I enjoyed the ease of picking up a different nib size with out the need to stop and clean a pen. The ink flow with all sizes of nibs is quite smooth. I tested these pens with both my finely cut steal stencils and other plastic stencils. There was no bleeding with any of the nib sizes. 

I include a lot of stippling in my work and again all the nib sizes held up to that work. The line quality for cross hatching is excellent. The black is a satisfying dark black that dries quickly so hand smearing is a small risk. They are comfortable to hold for long drawing session. Other than the fact that they are disposable and will create waste when the pan is used up I would recommend them. 

I would especially encourage a new artist to invest in a set of these as they are trying out different drawing techniques. These would also be great for travel, urban sketchers and general sketch book work.

The attached drawings walk you through each nib size as each nib size is added to a sketchbook page. The final image is a two page spread featuring the Zensations pens."

Many thanks to Bonnie for taking the time to create this artwork for us!