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Our stationery brands


Archie's began as a manufacturer of paper for calligraphers but is now also producing some of the finest leather notebook covers we've seen, all hand-made by the owner, Artur, in Poland.


Beautiful brass coloured stationery accessories to add a touch of style to your desk or pencil case. 


American pencil brand producing superb pencils from American cedar and Japanese graphite with stylish replaceable erasers. Blackwing pencils were originally introduced by the Eberhard Faber Pencil Company in the 1930s. Their cult following included John Steinbeck and Chuck Jones, who proudly used Blackwings to create Bugs Bunny and many other Looney Tunes characters.


Italian made stationery based in Bergamo in Lombardy. A firm favourite of ours, it is a family run business producing superb quality and stylish notebooks. 


An American brand founded in 1989, Cavallini has been producing the highest quality gift and stationery products, drawing inspiration from the Cavallini archives that include mid-century travel guides, maps, botanical plates, everyday ephemera and rare iconic images.


World renowned for the brilliance and quality of its paper, this long established (1858) French company from Alsace produces a huge range of notebooks and stationery items from its own paper mills.  


Made in Germany, Diplomat writing instruments have been manufactured using traditional methods of craftsmanship since 1922. The pens are of exceptional quality throughout the range at very affordable prices. 

Faber Castell

Chances are that most of us have used their pencils at some time. Renowned the world over for the technical precision of their products. 


Yes you can own a Ferrari! We have a small range of official Ferrari merchandise pens and pencils  - a great gift for petrol heads of all ages!  


The company's product vision "Trends to turn heads"' - like the owl. As the Welsh for owl is gwdihw, it is pronounced Goodeehoo. 


Helix has been making quality stationery products for over 130 years. Since launching in 1887, iconic Helix and Oxford products have helped many generations through their school life. 

Jacqueline Coley

Jacqueline is a colour-loving illustrator living and working in London and we're delighted to have her beautiful Tiger pocket notebooks in our store.


Founded in 1883 in Heidelberg, Germany, the Kaweco company produces high quality writing instruments with a fine attention to detail.


A US gift, gadget and stationery brand known for their inventive and humorous products. We have a number of funky pencils and retro pens from their range.

Koh I Noor Hardtmuth

Founded by Joseph Hardmuth in 1790, and known for patenting the first pencil lead made from graphite and Kaolin. It is a Czech brand named after the Koh-i-noor diamond. We sell a wide range of their stationery and artistic products. 

Laura Stoddart

Laura Stoddart grew up in rural Cheshire and always wanted to be an illustrator. She began her career with a commission from the Royal Mail for the 1996 Christmas stamps, the youngest professional artist ever to have designed a set of stamps and now her beautiful and distinctive work can be seen in books and on packaging, stationery and china.


Italian gift and stationery brand with a distinct contemporary style. 

Maker's Cabinet

The 2019 Stationery show's winning entry - the innovative Hovel pencil plane was everyone's favourite.


Famed for its creative and innovative spirit, Spanish brand Milan has been a family enterprise since 1918.


The famous Japanese ‘Mitsubishi Pencil Company’ produces a wide range writing products, and we have small range of their pencils. 

Mobius + Ruppert

This German company based in Erlangen has been producing a range of products since 1922. The brass stationery accessories range is particularly impressive and just oozes quality engineering.


From the USA, the famous Monteverde range have a truly characteristic look and feel. Their pens are an amalgam of quality European resins and state-of-the-art ink technologies. Take a  look at their innovative designs and inks to see what we mean.


Spanish brand Octaevo strives for a perfect balance between state-of-the-art technology and craftsmanship in all its products.


Ohto is a Japanese pen manufacturing company, established in 1929 as a manufacturer of dyes and ink. In 1949, the company became a pen manufacturer after they produced the world's first ball point pen with a chrome ball. This was also Japan's first ballpoint pen. We are starting with their gel pens and mechanical pencils.


A Canadian company founded in Vancouver in 1992. Their stationery notebooks are developed with a variety of museums, galleries, estates and individual artisans. 


This Canadian brand is a relatively recent newcomer to the stationery scene. The paper is up there with the very best, the design covers are bold and their book binding is particularly innovative. 


Japanese company with worldwide distribution. Pentel products are high quality and affordable and perfect for writing, drawing and sketching.


The Pilot Pen Company is Japan's oldest pen manufacturer.


A leading European office supply business. We stock some of their fabulously funky staplers.


French stationery brand Rhodia produces notebooks and notepads that have serious devotees among artists, designers and writers. They even have some rather famous fans, like Francis Ford Copolla and fashion guru Paul Smith. The distinct orange covers have been notable since the 1930’s. Why is it so good? Well the reason is that the paper is amazing. In the standard range, it’s 80 gsm, smooth and silky. It’s also fountain pen friendly, which really means you can write with anything your heart desires without feathering and bleed-through. 

Silvine Originals

British design classic from Motley in the Yorkshire dales. Well known for school exercise books, Silvine has expanded its range and we offer a small select sample of this iconic brand


A German family run business with a cult status is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of writing instruments. Germany quality and implementing ground breaking innovative designs in to each and every pen. We particularly like their very smooth rollerballs. 


Contemporary minimalist stationery accessories from Japan.


A US pencil company whose products were a firm favourite of children's author Roald Dahl. He had them shipped over from the US, and sharpened six of them each day before he started writing.


Japanese manufacturer of writing products. We stock a small range of their pencils. 


Troika is a world leader in contemporary gifts. Troika’s range is made of high grade materials with impeccable finish.


Portuguese brand Viarco is one of few remaining independent pencil manufacturers left in Europe, packaged in beautiful retro-style boxes.


The company produces a wide range of pens, pencils, and highlighters. The founder of Zebra, Mr. Ishikawa, came up with the name after opening a dictionary from the back and looking through words beginning with Z. We sell a number of their products including their amazing telescopic pen.