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Calligraphy pens

  • Manuscript Calligraphy Artist Set (N4701) Manuscript Calligraphy Artist Set (N4701) components

    Manuscript Calligraphy Artist Set

    Wherever you go, whatever your plans, the Manuscript Calligraphy Artist Set is the ideal set to take on the go and get creative when inspiration strikes. Ideal for relaxing and unwinding, this light wood presentation case contains the most...

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  • Manuscript Calligraphy Compendium Set (MC150) components Manuscript Calligraphy Compendium Set (MC150)

    Manuscript Calligraphy Compendium Set

    Practice hand lettering and create italic calligraphy with ease with this bumper modern calligraphy set. Made in the UK, this 30 piece set comprises the following: 1 x black Dodec fountain pen with a chrome detailed nib 3 x Dodec fountain pen caps and...

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  • Manuscript Collector's Round Hand Set

    Manuscript Collector's Round Hand Set

    Lovers of Victorian vintage and keen writers will love this Manuscript Collector's Round Hand Writing Gift Set! This set includes ten round hand nibs and a marbled nib handle for writing. Plus, with a hidden ink reserve, your writing will flow smoothly...

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  • Manuscript Modern Calligraphy 3 ink set

    Manuscript Modern Calligraphy 3 ink set

    This deluxe set features three nibs alongside a trio of inks and a regal purple pen holder to add a royal touch every single time you put pen to paper. Also includes a beautifully compiled instruction manual from popular calligrapher...

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  • Manuscript Modern Calligraphy gift set Manuscript Modern Calligraphy gift set packaging

    Manuscript Modern Calligraphy gift set

    An addition to Manuscript's best selling modern calligraphy range, this Modern Calligraphy Gift Set is the perfect set to practice brush lettering and modern calligraphy and. It includes carefully selected nibs ideal for modern calligraphy script, as...

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  • Manuscript Writing & Sealing Set

    Manuscript Writing & Sealing Set

    Beautifully packaged in a wooden presentation gift box, the Manuscript Writing & Sealing Set combines all of their best products into a perfect present all year round. Featuring two wick wax sticks, a unique red-white and blue dip pen holder and...

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