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Stationery makes a great gift for all ages and genders. it is both thoughtful and will not break the bank.

We also have a range of gift sets available for those who want make a special gift.

And remember that a first anniversary wedding present is traditionally paper based, so need to look any further than our great range ! 

If you can't choose for your self, we also provide gift certificates to allow the lucky recipient to choose for themselves.

We have a great range of stationery and Artist gift sets, and here are a few ideas to get you started:


  • Derwent WW2 secret map pencil

    Derwent WW2 secret map pencil

    Charles Fraser Smith, an agent of MI9, arrived at The Cumberland Pencil Factory in 1942 with a puzzle for the management to solve. He had an idea to create a compass pencil containing a secret map in a hidden chamber. Given to Lancaster Bomber airman...

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  • Diplomat Traveller fountain pen, flame Diplomat Traveller fountain pen, black lacquer

    Diplomat Traveller fountain pen, various colours

    Diplomat's Traveller range are slim, compact writing instruments, available in a variety of high-quality finishes. Diplomat logo in the cap end complete the details. Fountain pen with finely chiselled, polished stainless steel nib All-metal casing Slim...

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  • Napkin Forever Cuban everlasting pencil, tobacco Napkin Forever Cuban everlasting pencil, multistrato

    Napkin Forever Cuban everlasting pencil

    Designed by the award-winning Sergio Mori, the Forever Cuban is styled after a stubby Cuban cigar and made entirely by hand in Italy from FSC-certified maple wood. Like a cigar, the Cuban is made to be held; this is a very tactile writing instrument...

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  • Start Bay A7 Compass notebook cover Start Bay Compass A7 notebook cover

    Start Bay Compass A7 notebook cover

    The Compass A7 Notebook is the ultra lite member of the Start Bay range. It is a handmade leather notebook cover made from vegetable tanned, full grain leather. It has two internal cords to hold up to two A7 notebook inserts. Included in...

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