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Pencils and Leads

 The name is derived form the Old French “pincel” meaning a small paintbrush. Did you know that HB standard stands for Hard Black, and the values range from the very soft 9B to the very hard 9H? Many famous authors had their own favourite brands; for John Steinbeck it was Blackwing whereas Roald Dahl preferred Ticonderoga - he started each working day with 6 perfectly sharpened pencils.

What’s your favourite brand?

  • Blackwing Volume 223 pencil Blackwing Volume 223 pencils ferule

    Blackwing Volume 223 pencils

    "All you can write is what you see". The Blackwing 223 is a tribute to Woody Guthrie and his immutable optimism. Each pencil features a design inspired by the “ribbon of highway,” “endless skyway” and “golden valley”...

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  • Stabilo Trio HB graphite pencils

    Stabilo Trio graphite pencils

    If you like a pencil with a triangular profile, take a look at these HB grade graphite pencils from Stabilo. Available in 5 bright barrel colours, the ergonomic design is very comfortable to hold and particularly suitable for young hands. High break...

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  • Apsara Platinum graphite pencil

    Apsara Platinum graphite pencil

    These Apsara Platinum pencils are made from high-quality wood for clean and easy sharpening. featuring a hexagonal burnished barrel for comfortable writing,they have a strong, break-resistant, bonded graphite lead.

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  • affiliate: 107 full set of pencils affiliate: 107 set of pencils

    affiliate:107 6 piece pencil set

    This beautiful 6 piece pencil set from affiliate:107, a lovely gift for any pencil user, contains 2 x 2H square pencils, 2 x HB triangular pencils and 2 x 2B hexagonal pencils. Designed & manufactured in the UK using sustainably sourced...

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  • Pentel Graphgear 300 mechanical pencil, 0.3 lead Pentel Graphgear 300 mechanical pencil, 0.5 lead

    Pentel Graphgear 300 mechanical pencils

    A colourful new addition to the Pentel GraphGear family, the 300 is a quality mechanical pencil for everyday use. It comes in a choice of four bright barrel colours and lead sizes: 0.3mm orange, 0.5mm black, 0.7mm blue, 0.9mm yellow Supplied with 3...

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  • Pentel Hi-Polymer refill leads

    Pentel Hi-Polymer replacement leads

    These Pentel automatic pencil HB refill leads come in tubes of 12 leads that work with all Pentel automatic pencils. With a slow wearing lead formula, these refills keep their fine point when in use. Tube of 12 leads Lead widths: 0.3, 0.5, 0.7 and 0...

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  • Blackwing XIX pencil Blackwing XIX pencis group

    Blackwing Volume XIX pencils

    The XIX pencil is Blackwing's tribute to the 19th Amendment of the American Constitution and the ongoing fight for voting rights in the United States and around the world. The 36 yellow stars represent the 36 states that ratified the amendment...

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