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Clutch pencils

Clutch pencils


Also known as lead holders, many artists prefer clutch pencils to traditional pencils. The reason is that wooden-cased pencils change their balance and weight over time when sharpened. This can affect some artists in subtle ways. Clutch pencils have a constant weight and balance as well as allowing for different hardness. Although they are more costly initially, they become  economical due to the range of refills available. Many clutch pencils have sharpeners built into their tops.

  • Koh I Noor clutch pencil 5201

    Koh I Noor clutch pencil 5201 with clip

    The Koh-i-Noor Versatil 5201 clutch pencil has a hexagonal metal barrel, approximately 8mm in diameter. Sharpener incorporated into the push button. 1 x 2mm lead included. You might also like the 5900 and 5311 models  

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  • Koh I Noor clutch pencil 5340 Koh I Noor clutch pencil 5340

    Koh I Noor clutch pencil 5340

    All metal clutch pencil with sharpener - solidly-built from an aluminium shell and brass components. Simple drop-type clutch mechanism. 5.6mm lead (one supplied) is ideal for marking out or sketching and is available in a wide range of graphite...

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  • Koh I Noor 5356 clutch pencil

    Koh-I-Noor 3mm Clutch Pencil 5356

    Featuring a sleek matt black, all-metal understated design, the Koh-I-Noor 5356 is a 3mm clutch pencil.  Supplied with one 90mm long 3mm lead. Please note that the push-button is not removeable. The 5356 is 143mm long and approx. 10mm in diameter...

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