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Pens, pens and lots more pens ! Although we do not yet sell the historical dips and quills, we do sell a  selection of fountain pens, rollerballs, ballpoints and some more specialised pens as well;  including multi-function pens with, for example, built in screwdrivers, spirit levels and lasers!

  • The Bic M10 Clic pen by Calepino, close-up The Bic M10 Clic pen clic mechanism

    Calepino ballpoint pen

    Calepino revisits a classic: The Bic M10 Clic. A true classic pen, made for the first time in 1956, it was the brand's first ever retractable pen. A design made in honour of rational writing without smudges. Supple in use, unique in style, a pen that...

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  • Conklin Nozac ballpoint pen, Idaho Blue Conklin Nozac ballpoint pen, Toledo Red

    Conklin Nozac ballpoint pen, various colours

    Conklin Nozac ballpoint matches the Nozac ('no sac') piston-filling fountain pen, the original of which was first produced in 1931. Conklin has used modern technology and production methods to create a pen that is stylish in its simplicity, with...

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  • Conklin Stylograph ballpoint pen, Polar White. Conklin Stylograph ballpoint pen, Tropical Blend.

    Conklin Stylograph ballpoint pen, various colours

    The Stylograph collection is based upon the original and timeless Conklin models from the 1930's but brings it firmly into the 21st century with bright colors and unique finishes. Each pen is crafted by hand from rods of solid resin, and then buffed to...