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Ballpoint Pens

Ballpoint Pens

Ballpoints are pens with a rolling ball mechanism that transfers oil based ink from a cartridge. They’re the most widespread writing instrument with the first commercial product being invented by the Hungarian Biro brothers who developed a special quick drying ink for use within a ball-point mechanism. 

Ballpoints have developed out of all recognition from the first ‘Bic Biros’, and manufacturers have developed a huge range and some very stylish designs. An interesting fact is that ballpoints were very popular among pilots in World War II due to the fact they did not leak at high altitudes!

  • Legami magic rainbow pen

    Legami magic rainbow pen

    Carry a pencil case in your pocket - a rainbow of colours in just one pen. Contains yellow, red, purple, green and blue inks as well as black. Simply press and slide your chosen colour down to use To retract click on another colour Measures 12cm (4.75")...

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    Conklin Herringbone ballpoint pen, burgundy Conklin Herringbone ballpoint pen, gunmetal

    Conklin Herringbone ballpoint pen

    Vintage appeal plus a modern style results in a stunning, crisp design! The barrel of these beautiful Conklin pens is engraved with a traditional herringbone pattern using up-to-the-minute computer technology, and coated with several layers of...

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    Now: £48.00
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  • Pentel Superb ballpoint pen, green Pentel Superb ballpoint pen, black

    Pentel Superb ballpoint pen

    The classic Pentel Superb is the original superior-quality basic ballpoint. The slimline crystal-clear barrel and polished chrome nose stand out from the cheaper alternatives, while the ink is delivered smoothly and cleanly until the last drop. The pen...

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  • Schneider LOOX ballpoint pen

    Schneider LOOX ballpoint pen

    A ballpoint pen designed for excellent writing comfort! The wear-resistant stainless steel tip guarantees that the large ink supply can be fully used and does not smear and the rubberised grip zone provides a secure hold for relaxed writing...

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  • Pilot G-2 metallic blue pen

    Pilot G-2 metallic blue gel pen

    The G-2 is one of Pilot's most renowned retractable gel pens, with ink that's notorious for its quality and durability. The contoured barrel helps to keep you comfortable when writing for long periods of time. These pens have a metallic sheen in the...

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  • Calepino ballpoint pens Calepino ballpoint pen click top

    Calepino ballpoint pen

    Calepino revisits a classic: The Bic M10 Clic. Made for the first time in 1956, it's a true design classic and was Bic's first ever retractable pen.] Made in France 14.5cm long with a 1mm tip Created from 25% renewable resources

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  • Diplomat Spacetec 0 Gravity pen, black Diplomat Spacetec 0 Gravity pen, chrome

    Diplomat Spacetec 0 Gravity pen

    Write upside down. Write underwater. Write in extreme temperatures. And should you ever find yourself bound for the International Space Station, this is the pen you need to take with you! The Spacetec 0 Gravity Pen - described by Diplomat as "ballpen of...

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