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Fountain Pens

Fountain Pens

Fountain pens were originally developed to solve the twin problems of dip pens; the constant dipping of the pen into ink and the frequent ink stains resulting from their use. The key idea was to incorporate the ink reservoir into a barrel that would allow the flow of ink to match the amount used when writing. This may sound simple, but it was a considerably complex and delicate engineering problem to solve.  

 Fountain pens were patented in 1827 by the Romanian Petrache Poenaru and there were various innovations during the 19th century, but they were not mass produced until the 1880’s by Waterman Pens. To fill the pen various devices were developed including crescent fillers, eyedroppers, twist fillers and lever pulls. Today, cartridges are the most common forms of reservoir, though prestige pens all come with modern alternatives. 

The range of fountain pen inks available today is truly staggering with new colours being released regularly by the main manufacturers.

  • Manuscript 1856 fountain pen nib in a tin Manuscript 1856 fountain pen nib tin

    Manuscript 1856 fountain pen nibs

    Change your Manuscript ML1856 fountain pen nib with this replacement nib unit which comes in a beautifully decorated keep-sake vintage tin. Available in 4 nib variants: medium handwriting nib, italic 1.1 nib, italic 1.5 nib and medium handwriting...

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  • Monteverde Limonada fountain pen, red Monteverde Limonada fountain pen, gold

    Monteverde Limonada fountain pen - various colours

    The Limonada has a clean elegant style that brings a youthful flair to this new design. The flexible spring steel clip is gracefully curved, with a central cut-out design that allows the bright colors to shine through, while ensuring that the pen sits...

  • Monteverde Monza Calligraphy deluxe set, boxed Monteverde Monza Calligraphy deluxe set, clear pens

    Monteverde Monza Crystal Clear Calligraphy Set

    The Monteverde Monza Crystal Clear Calligraphy Set includes the traditionally designed crystal clear transparent demonstrator Monza fountain pen adorned with chrome accents inside and out. The polished resin body shows off the pen’s inner workings,...

  • Monteverde Monza Signature set, Crystal Clear Monteverde Monza Signature set, Grey Sky

    Monteverde Monza Signature set, various colours

    The Monteverde Monza Signature gift set includes four 30ml bottles of ink and a bottle of pen flush as well as the Monza fountain pen, medium nib. Featuring a modern, eye-catching design and adorned with chrome accents inside and out, the fountain pen...