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Rollerball Pens

Rollerball Pens

Rollerballs are similar to a ballpoint with the major difference being that they use a water based or gel based ink. As they are less viscous, they offer a very smooth writing experience. They were frost introduced by the Japanese form Ohto, and marketed as a cross over between the smoothness of a fountain pen with the convenience of a ballpoint. 

Gels contain pigments that offer more brilliant colours and are less prone to smudging, especiallyfor left-handers. Liquid ink rollerballs offer very smooth flow and more consistent flow akin to a fountain pen. Rollerballs in general require less pressure to write, and so offer a less stressful writing experience. Copious notetakers often find rollerballs easier to use than ballpoints.

  • OHTO Horizon gel pen, pink OHTO Horizon gel pen, green

    OHTO Horizon rollerball gel ink pen

    Great new metallic colours and quick dry gel ink in the best-selling Horizon range from the Japanese pen maker OHTO. All-metallic pen with a 5mm tip, extra quick-dry ink ideal for left-hand writers, in fun, vibrant colours. A firm push on the top button...

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  • Zebra Sarasa gel rollerball pen, blue Zebra Sarasa gel rollerball pen, red

    Zebra Sarasa gel rollerball pen

    The Zebra Sarasa is a classic retractable gel ink rollerball with smooth writing ink, no smears, no smudges. Dries in less than a second on most surfaces - the left-handers best friend! Medium 0.7mm point. Refill with JF rapid dry ink refill.

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