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Twin tip pens

  • Iconic 2Way Deco pens set Iconic 2Way Deco pens

    Iconic 2 Way Deco pen set

    A very stylish set of five colourful 2Way Deco Pens from Korean brand Iconic. Each pen has a thick wedge tip at one end and fine point at the other. A set of five colours: red, pink, yellow, green and blue.  

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  • Tombow Twintone pen, red Tombow Twintone pen, turquoise

    Tombow Twintone pens, various colours

    Two pens in one! These Tombow TwinTone dual tip marker pens feature a 0.8mm broad tip at one end and a 0.3mm extra-fine tip at the other. The broad tip can be used for creating bold lines or highlighting, while the extra-fine tip is for...

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  • Zebra Mildliner creative markers

    Zebra Mildliner creative marker

    Zebra Mildliner twin-tipped highlighter pens: five pastel colours for you to choose from to use in your your bullet journal, letters or notebooks! Chisel tip: approximately 3mm wide, perfect for marking Bullet tip: writes an approximate 1mm line and is...

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  • Zebra Mildliner creative markers, Cool & Refined set Zebra Mildliner creative markers, Fluourescent set

    Zebra Mildliner creative markers, set of 5

    One of Zebra's most popular products, the Mildliner is not just gentler on the eye than your usual highlighter, it's got twin tips too! The colours are pastel but whether you are using them for your bullet journal, hand lettering or while studying for...

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